"I just have to say that this station is the best ever! I play it all day long at work. It helps me from being stressed out and it's cool that it brings back memories that make me smile." - Jacqueline H., Modesto, CA


    "Thanks so much for the Sunday show on The Beatles. I happened onto it when it was celebrating George Harrison's birthday. Wonderful music and interviews. " - Peggy H. (Listen to The Beatle Years, Sundays at 4pm, on The River 105.5.)


    "Just a note of appreciation. We are here in Salt Lake City. Went searching the Web for 60s and 70s muisc to listen to in the office. Found your station, tried it, love it, and we listen daily. Thanks for the good times." - Ron, Salt Lake City, UT


    "First of all, I want to take a moment to thank all of the people who work at KRVR, for being there to listen to, and always being cheerful. I'm sure a lot goes on behind the scenes that a lot of us don't know about, so...a big hearty thanks!" - Jenn, Phoenix, AZ


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